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UpToDate Anywhere - Now Available

Nyack Hospital is proud to announce 'UpToDate Anywhere' (Remote Access) - now available to NH user communities.

  • Access from your mobile phone, tablet or home/office computer
  • Earn CME credits from anywhere or anytime
  • Still accessible from Paragon
  • Access will be obtained using your individual UserID and password in 'UpToDate Anywhere.'    

To start searching UpToDate Anywhere please click here

NEW! Merck Manual

The Merck Manual is now availble ONLINE





Virtual Library resources expand with new content

Nyack's Virtual Library expands to include over 800 e-books and 600+ e-journals available in the hospital or for NH staff at home or in office using the NH Library ID and password. Contact your Medical Librarian if you need assistance.

Most of ClinicalKey book and journal titles in catalog. New content also in STAT!Ref and Access Medicine.

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